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Hans Zeiger

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Hans Zeiger


Hans Zeiger is an Eagle Scout and conservative activist from Puyallup, Washington who holds a Master's degree in Public Policy from Pepperdine University. He authored Reagan's Children and Get Off My Honor as a student and continues to be a leading cultural voice in the battle to preserve the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

Reagan's Children 
Trade Paper: $12.99

The British call those born during Margaret Thatcher's prime ministry “Thatcher's Children.” Likewise, the thirty million Americans born from 1981 to 1988 could be considered “Reagan's Children.” In his second book, young activist Hans Zeiger, born in 1985, suggests his generation is indeed reflective of former President Ronald...
Get Off My Honor! 
Trade Paper: $12.99

Hans Zeiger may represent the hope for the future. He is not the typical postmodern young twenty something. You don't see his type portrayed on The Real World on MTV. But he isn't alone. He is part of a movement that is alive and well-and thriving. Nineteen-year-old Hans is a Boy Scout. More specifically, he is an Eagle Scout. And he is tired of the...