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  • A Woman Seeking God  by Dorothy Kelley Patterson
    Trade Paper: $14.99

     In her preface to A Woman Seeking God, Dorothy Kelley Patterson writes:"For years I have been convinced that what the women of this world need most is a word from God. I believe with all my heart that God's Word does speak to the women of this generation with the same clarity and authority with which it spoke to the women of...  read more

  • The Way Back to Mayberry 
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    “The Andy Griffith Show” continues to have a huge worldwide following. While many factors contribute to the show's ongoing popularity, many fans continue to point to the basic moral principles upheld by each and every episode. The Way Back to Mayberry takes an irresistible look at these moral themes and values promoted by the show and...  read more

  • The Way Back to Mayberry  by Joey Fann
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    "Everything I know about life, I learned from The Andy Griffith Show," says Joey Fann, author of The Way Back to Mayberry and founder of BarneyFife.com. Millions would agree. Many factors contribute to the continued worldwide success of the television classic that made a smalltown sheriff, his son Opie, Aunt Bea, and a...  read more

  • The Way We Work 
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    The key to success in the workplace is understanding the work habits of those around you. Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, president and CEO of Learning Styles Unlimited, unlocks the mystery behind our motivation in her latest book. Discover how to identify many areas of frustration and conflict that can be directly attributed to a mismatch of learning styles....  read more

  • The Wedding Collection 
    Hardcover: $17.99

    Twenty-six basic wedding ceremonies contributed by well-known ministers including W. A. Criswell and Charles Stanley.  read more

  • The Wisdom of Faith  by Bobby Bowden with Steve Bowden
    Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $24.99

    Success. Influence. Accolades. Winning.   Legendary Football Coach Bobby Bowden has it all.   As the all-time winningest coach in Division I football history, Coach Bowden has statues erected in his honor and national charities and awards named after him.  Four generations of fans have heard his message and witnessed his...  read more

  • Walking God's Path 
    Hardcover: $19.99

    Jimmy Draper began his work as a minister of the Gospel in the 1950s. Through the next five decades, the influence of the denomination he served grew in size and scope as did the influence of his own ministry. Together, Jimmy Draper and the Southern Baptist Convention faced the challenges of the social upheavals of the 1960s and 70s and stood fast for...  read more

  • Wanting to Believe  by Ryan Dobson
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    When it comes to life, we want to get it right. As the only son of child and family psychologist Dr. James Dobson, Ryan Dobson grew up in the hot spotlight of what felt like Christian celebrity culture, with his dad’s proponents and opponents alike wanting to know if “Doc” actually practiced what he preached. As a teenager, Ryan...  read more

  • We Are 
    Trade Paper: $3.99

    The Kingdom Promises series is based on short yet everlasting statements from Scripture; key verses that define who We Are in Christ, who God Is to us, and so forth. This unique grouping of devotional books will help believers grasp the undeserved rewards of God’s grace and the power that flows from his very existence. Each conveniently...  read more

  • We Can 
    Trade Paper: $3.99

    The Kingdom Promises series is based on short yet everlasting statements from Scripture; key verses that define who We Are in Christ, who God Is to us, and so forth. This unique grouping of devotional books will help believers grasp the undeserved rewards of God’s grace and the power that flows from his very existence. Each conveniently...  read more

  • Wednesdays were Pretty Normal  by: Michael Kelley
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    “Wednesdays were pretty normal,” writes Michael Kelley, looking for a bright spot amidst the chemotherapy routine brought on by his two-year-old son Joshua’s cancer diagnosis. His book of the same name offers much to anyone who’s tired of prescriptive spirituality and would rather acknowledge and work through the difficulties...  read more

  • What Baptists Believe 
    Trade Paper: $9.99

    Short essays on the major doctrines which have formed the foundations of Southern Baptist life and thought.  read more

  • What Every Christian Ought to Know  by Adrian Rogers with Steve Rogers
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Available for the first time in paperback, one of the last books written by revered late pastor Adrian Rogers is also one of his best-selling, a bold yet approachable guide to the ABCs of Christianity that Publishers Weekly calls, “(a) beautifully simple primer on essential truths.”What Every Christian Ought to...  read more

  • What Every Christian Ought to Know 
    Hardcover: $19.99

    Just as plants need certain essentials to grow—light, water, and fertile soil—so do new Christians—babes in the faith. Without these essentials—the basic truths of the faith—they will never establish strong roots or bear fruit. Adrian Rogers has written a book designed to give new believers the nurture and care their faith...  read more

  • What Every Christian Ought to Know  by Adrian Rogers with Steve Rogers
    Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $19.99

    One of the last books written by revered late pastor Adrian Rogers is also one of his best-selling, a bold yet approachable guide to the ABCs of Christianity that Publishers Weekly calls, “(a) beautifully simple primer on essential truths.”What Every Christian Ought to Know provides readers with a well-...  read more

  • What Every Christian Ought to Know Day by Day  by Adrian Rogers
    Paper Over Board: $15.99

    The internationally revered teaching of the late Adrian Rogers lives on in this day-by-day adaptation of his acclaimed final book, What Every Christian Ought to Know. Just as plants need essentials to grow—light, water and fertile soil—so do Christians who want to develop strong spiritual roots and bear good fruit.For...  read more

  • What Women Fear  by Angie Smith
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    A woman's faith in God is challenged by the first question Satan asks Eve in the Bible: "Did God really say you can’t eat from any tree in the garden?" That seed of doubt and the story it begins to unfold breed a concept of fear still haunting each of us on some level every day-the idea that our actions could ruin something beautiful, and...  read more

  • What You Need to Know About Healing  by Harold J. Sala Foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Combining careful research, biblical narratives, and personal stories of physical and spiritual healing, internationally known Bible teacher and counselor Dr. Harold Sala points to how trusting God yields lasting and eternal rewards in What You Need to Know About Healing. While no one is promised tomorrow, you will receive true encouragement...  read more

  • What You Need to Know about Islam and Muslims 
    Trade Paper: $10.99

    Geared toward both the student and the interested general reader, What You Need to Know About Islam and Muslims is an all-you-need-to-know-and-more book about the Islam. Written in simple language, this book describes to Christians the story of Islam and the Muslim people, and their aggressive plans to establish Islam in every culture.  read more

  • When God Prayed  by Don Wilton
    Trade Paper: $16.99

    When God Prayed is based on a popular seminar that pastor and longtime Billy Graham associate Don Wilton first gave at Graham’s training center, The Cove. It looks with intense depth at the words of Jesus in John 17 when he prayed for himself, his disciples, and for all believers when he knew that death on the cross was...  read more

  • When Godly People Do Ungodly Things  by Beth Moore
    Hardcover: $19.99

    It is reported in the headlines, confessed in the pulpits, and hidden in the pews in churches around  the world. The seduction of God’s people by the deceiver is a tale as old as the garden, but we are always surprised when it happens. We must realize that Satan is a lion on the prowl and we are his prey. Beth writes with a...  read more

  • When Homeschooling Gets Tough  by Diana Johnson
    Trade Paper: $9.99

    Diana Johnson has more than twenty years of experience as a homeschool parent and nearly fifteen years of experience managing the homeschool department at a Christian bookstore. When Homeschooling Gets Tough is largely based on her direct interaction with a broad range of customers who were in need of support. Many homeschoolers...  read more

  • When Missions Shapes the Mission  by David Horner
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    "Why are more churches not engaged in practical, substantial ways of taking the gospel to the nations?"When Missions Shape the Mission unpacks a statistical study of traditionally evangelical churches that reveals their anemic level of commitment to the biblical mandate of making Christ known around the world. Veteran pastor David Horner...  read more

  • When the Vow Breaks  by Joseph Warren Kniskern
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Now an official resource of the nationwide DivorceCare ministry, this new edition of When the Vow Breaks offers practical advice to Christians regarding the top five felt needs and issues that result from facing divorce: kids, finances, anger, depression, and loneliness. In this sensitive and thorough guide,...  read more

  • When Worlds Collide  by Mike Blackaby and Daniel Blackaby
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    The media-driven world places enormous pressure on people to conform to its secular point of view—and young people are especially susceptible to this ploy. Writing to a student audience, authors Mike and Daniel Blackaby (the grandsons of Experiencing God author Henry Blackaby) explain how Christians typically respond to this pressure in...  read more

  • Whispers of Hope  by Beth Moore
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing, but how in the world do we do that? In fact, how should we effectively pray to begin with?Best-selling author Beth Moore addresses these practical and pervasive matters in Whispers of Hope by walking readers through an easy to remember and apply method of prayer, coupled with seventy daily...  read more

  • Who Rules the Church? 
    Trade Paper: $19.99

    In this book author Gerald Cowen will offer critical definitions about what the work of a pastor or elder is—what is his job description and what are the limits of his authority. Who Rules the Church? will make the case that the New Testament model for congregational government is the Pastoral Leadership-Congregational rule. In other words,...  read more

  • Who You Are  by John Croyle
    Trade Paper: $15.99

    “Tell them who you are!” This is the immediate request from child advocate John Croyle to any one of the Big Oak kids when they are introduced to someone. It’s a declaration that who they are carries value. Value that is not defined by the circumstances that led them to be in at the Big Oak Ranch. Value that is also not defined...  read more

  • Why Churches Die 
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    We are all too aware of the damage poisons can have on our bodies. These ailments find their way into us, invading us, infecting us, and spreading throughout us until the illness is felt all over. There are spiritual poisons that work this way as well, except these ailments invade another kind of body-the spiritual body of Christ. Like the diseases of...  read more

  • Why I Am a Baptist  Edited by Russell D. Moore and Tom Nettles Contribution by Alistair Begg
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    In light of the current identity crisis facing Baptists today, editors Nettles and Moore offer a volume of testimonies from contemporary Baptists expounding on that very question—Why I Am a Baptist. Taking a more objective approach than offered in earlier books, Why I Am a Baptist models a more doctrine-oriented approach, explaining Baptist life...  read more

  • Wilderness Skills for Women  by Marian Jordan
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    From Moses to Jesus, so many heroes of the Bible had to endure some type of wilderness season in their life, a time of testing that was painful to endure but ultimately brought glory to God.In Wilderness Skills for Women , rising author/speaker Marian Jordan sees the same thing happening today as she and her friends still...  read more

  • Will God Heal Me?  by Ron Dunn Foreword by Michael Catt
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    We would all prefer to maintain some level of control and avoid suffering at all costs. That's one main reason we work out, take vitamins, and check our heart rate -- in hopes of not having to suffer in the future. But the Bible clearly teaches that no one is exempt from suffering and sickness.In Will God Heal Me? the late pastor and...  read more

  • Wind Dancer  by Jamie Carie
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Raised in a British-held frontier town during the American Revolution, Isabelle Renoir is not like other women around her. A free spirit, she dances in the moonlight as a praise offering to God and is more at home fearlessly taking her long rifle and knife into the woods for adventure and inspiration.But Isabelle’s latest...  read more

  • Winning Character  by Tommy Bowden with Lawrence Kimbrough
    Trade Paper: $14.99

     While several college athletic programs have made national headlines coming under investigation for questionable practices, football coach Tommy Bowden has always led his teams with remarkable integrity on and off the field.In Winning Character, he plots a game plan for life that will make any man successful, from fellow coaches...  read more

  • Words  by Ginny L. Yttrup
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    "I collect words. I keep them in a box in my mind. I'd like to keep them in a real box, something pretty, maybe a shoe box covered with flowered wrapping paper. Whenever I wanted, I'd open the box and pick up the papers, reading and feeling the words all at once. Then I could hide the box. But the words are safer in my...  read more

  • Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling  by Brian D. Ray
    Trade Paper: $10.99

    Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling presents an analysis of the status of homeschooling worldwide, with a focus on the United States. Written for a broad audience, this book offers clearly distilled facts, statistics, general information, and personal profiles of homeschoolers. Parents who are considering the benefits of homeschooling will find...  read more

  • Worship 365 
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    Worship: a subject that touches the very heart of God. In Worship 365, award-winning songwriter and conference leader David M. Edwards defines worship as what must become an irremovable part of our everyday lives; not only something we do at church a few times each week. Indeed, worshipping God is our highest priority, and Edwards takes us...  read more

  • Wounds  by Alton Gansky
    Trade Paper: $14.99

     A man’s lifeless body is found in the fresh soil of San Diego’s botanical garden. Cause of death is asphyxiation, an easy call for the medical examiner. More mysterious, however, are the tiny drops of blood on the victim’s skin, resulting from hundreds of punctures.A rabbi leaving his house for work expects a regular...  read more

  • Writing Research Papers with Confidence: Teacher's Edition 
    Trade Paper: $35.99

    A major academic problem among students who are now entering higher education institutions is their lack of research and writing skills. This new curriculum series interactively teaches them how to develop these skills without feeling intimidated or stressed and is designed intentionally to prepare students for the newly revised SAT (2005 edition)...  read more

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  • Embracing Obscurity
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  • Praying God's Word
  • October Baby
  • Courageous Teens
  • Mended
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