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NIV Standard Rainbow Study Bible, Brown Bonded Leather by Standard Publishing

Bonded Leather
August 2012

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NIV Standard Rainbow Study Bible, Brown Bonded Leather



Product Details
ISBN: 9780784733165
Trim Size: 9.80 x 6.90 x 1.70 in
Page Count: 1600
Weight: 2.70lb
Binding: Bonded Leather
Status: Active
Publication Date: August 2012
Get more out of Bible study with the Rainbow Study Bible! The unique color-coding system allows you to quickly and easily identify 12 major themes of the Bible—God, Discipleship, History, Salvation, Evil, Prophecy, Commandments, Sin, Love, Family, Outreach, and Faith—to create new excitement and result in deeper understanding and better retention of God's Word. Features include: • Bold Line® system that distinguishes all spoken words of God• At-a-glance introduction and outline for each book• Maps and illustrations throughout• Daily Bible reading calendars• Concordance and subject Guide• Bookmark with a color-code key• Helpful center cross-references• 365 popular Bible quotations for memorization_________________________________________________ ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! These products were acquired from Standard Publishing Company and are available in limited quantities. They will be re-released by Holman Bible Publishers with new ISBNs in the future.

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