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Baptists by Timothy George

A Brief History

Trade Paper
April 2012

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Timothy George



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805416558
Trim Size: 8.50 x 5.50 x 0.56 in
Page Count: 288
Binding: Trade Paper
Status: Not Yet Published
Publication Date: April 2012

The simply titled Baptists by esteemed academic Timothy George is a one-volume narrative history of the Baptist movement from pre-revolutionary England to the end of the twentieth century. Moreso than dryly reported previous books on the subject, it presents an interesting, readable, and edifying account of the Baptist story that proves accessible to the literate layperson as well as college and seminary students of Baptist history and theology.

George writes as a conservative, confessional Baptist who appreciates the wider context of the Christian faith within which the Baptist movement has flourished. In retelling the Baptist story, he relies heavily on biography, focusing in on key figures and documents from John Bunyan, Benjamin Keach, and Shubal Stearns to The Diary of Anne Judson , African American pastor John Jasper, Billy Graham, and Bill Wallace, the Baptist witness for human rights and religious liberty

Timothy George has served as dean of Beeson Divinity School since its inception in 1988. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, George teaches Church History and Doctrine. He serves as senior theological advisor for Christianity Today and is on the editorial advisory boards of First Things, Harvard Theological Review, and Books & Culture. A prolific author, he has written more than twenty books and regularly contributes to scholarly journals.

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