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Confessions of a Grieving Christian by Zig Ziglar

Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
January 2004

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Zig Ziglar
Confessions of a Grieving Christian



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805427455
Trim Size: 7.30 x 5.40 x 0.89 in
Page Count: 272
Weight: 0.71lb
Binding: Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
Status: Active
Publication Date: January 2004
On May 13, 1995, God called Zig Ziglar’s oldest daughter, Suzan, home after a prolonged illness. Journeying through his own grief, Ziglar realized many things about himself, his family, his priorities, and God. In this comforting book, he uses his experience to encourage readers to deal with the reality of loss and learn to take up the threads of life again as they find consolation and inspiration in the Giver of all Peace.

Zig Ziglar is a talented author and speaker who, since 1970, has traveled over five million miles delivering his message of hope and enthusiasm. He has written twenty-three celebrated books on personal growth, leadership, sales, faith, family, and success.

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