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Troubling Deaf Heaven

Assurance in the Silence of God

September 2005

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Jeannette Clift George
Troubling Deaf Heaven



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805431919
Trim Size: 8.00 x 5.00 x 1.00 in
Page Count: 190
Weight: 1.00lb
Binding: Hardcover
Status: Active
Publication Date: September 2005
What do we do in the silence of God? When many people today seem to be receiving daily messages directly from God, what do you do when your prayers seem to bounce back from the ceiling? How can you get on with the abundant life when there seems to be an abundance of silence? It's in this awesome quiet that we “trouble deaf heaven and shroud our souls in shame.” But the glorious truth is that God is seldom if ever silent. “He is the Divine Talker-although He does find delight in dramatic pauses. In the apparent silence of God, know He is speaking volumes.” Jeannette Clift George helps us learn to listen to God with some practical advice on removing those things from our lives that clutter and distract and to remind us to remain quiet enough to hear not only His shouts but also and more importantly, His whispers.

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