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Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn

Trade Paper
April 2005

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Natalie Williams
Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805440607
Trim Size: 9.00 x 6.00 x in
Page Count: 128
Binding: Trade Paper
Status: Active
Publication Date: April 2005
As exciting as having a baby can be, the birth of a child brings new tensions and stress to a couple's relationship. Written from personal experience as well as countless conversations with parents, Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn offers couples hope and encouragement. This book is not about parenting a newborn; it's about helping your relationship grow and survive during what some parents describe as one of the most challenging yet rewarding times of their lives. Authors Glenn and Natalie Williams share about their marriage relationship in an effort to encourage new parents to focus on not forgetting to love each other as well as their new baby.

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