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Role of a Lifetime by Lucinda Secrest McDowell

Your Part in God's Story

Trade Paper
January 2008

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Lucinda Secrest McDowell
Role of a Lifetime



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805446623
Trim Size: 8.50 x 5.50 x 0.43 in
Page Count: 160
Weight: 0.42lb
Binding: Trade Paper
Status: Active
Publication Date: January 2008
Everyone loves a good story. What’s yours? In Role of a Lifetime, women’s author Lucinda Secrest McDowell helps read­ers better understand their unique part and important purpose in the greater story of God’s kingdom. Indeed, each life is cast into an ongoing adventure, but too often we play it safe, assuming ourselves to be minor characters. McDowell storyboards a pathway toward passion and significance, a life marked by radical faith and an ever deepening relationship with God that will make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others. Questions and journal space following each chapter encourage further introspection or group discussion. Move from the mundane to the magnificent. Embrace the part you were born to play in Role of a Lifetime.   Endorsement: 

“Lights! Camera!  ...what? No ‘action?’ If you have ever stood on the stage of your life wondering, ‘If all the world's a stage, why can't I get a better storyline?’ then you are holding the right book in your hands.  Cindy challenges us to examine our past, embrace our present, and embark on new journeys that will lead us to live fully.  Prepare to find yourself immersed in the role you were always destined to play.”


Anita Renfroe, comedian and author of If You Can't Lose It, Decorate It!

Lucinda Secrest McDowell is an inspirational author and international conference speaker known best for her gift of encouragement. Her books include Quilts from Heaven, Spa for the Soul, and Role of a Lifetime. A graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Furman University, she lives with her family in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

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