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God in the Whirlwind by Tim Ellsworth

Stories of Grace from the Tornado at Union University

Trade Paper
June 2008

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Tim Ellsworth
God in the Whirlwind



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805448474
Trim Size: 8.50 x 5.50 x 0.55 in
Page Count: 192
Weight: 0.52lb
Binding: Trade Paper
Status: Active
Publication Date: June 2008

When a powerful EF-4 tornado with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour slammed the Union University campus on February 5, 2008, destroying eighteen dormitory buildings and causing $40 million in damage, the immediate assumption was that dozens if not hundreds of lives would have been lost. Miraculously, nobody died, and the next morning major media outlets flocked to Jackson, Tennessee, where Union students and faculty credited God for their survival and got to share their faith with millions worldwide.

God in the Whirlwind recounts the entire experience through twenty eye-of-the-storm accounts from those who saw the walls and ceilings crashing down upon them and felt their ears pop as the pressure dropped, from anxious parents who waited for their child’s call, and from Union leaders who marvel at the university’s unbroken spirit in the face of such devastation. This inspiring book also includes eighty photographs that visualize God’s mighty hand upon nature and his gentle hand of grace.

Tim Ellsworth is the director of news and media relations for Union University and an editor with Baptist Press where he writes a faith and values-based sports column. He lives with his family in Jackson, Tennessee.

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