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Holman Concise Topical Concordance by Holman Bible Editorial Staff

Paper Over Board
January 2011

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Holman Concise Topical Concordance



Product Details
ISBN: 9780805495492
Trim Size: 8.25 x 5.25 x 1.10 in
Page Count: 696
Weight: 1.60lb
Binding: Paper Over Board
Status: Active
Publication Date: January 2011
Get the Word on more than 1,700 different subjects with the Holman Concise Topical Concordance. You name the topic, and it does the rest, steering directly to relevant scriptures from one corner of the Bible to the other, adding balance and depth to study and teaching.

Unlike regular concordances, this volume goes beyond specific Bible words to point out passasges by themes and ideas-arranged alphabetically in hundreds of choices, perfect for crafting Sunday School lessons on particular topics, no matter how contemporary.

Even those new to serious Bible study can use this ready reference to gain a well-rounded grasp of what God’s Word says about nearly any subject of interest. The Holman Concise Topical Concordance contains 40,000 Bible references and also includes line drawings of artifacts, buildings, and places.

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