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Act or React by Caz McCaslin

The Decision is Ours

Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
July 2014

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Caz McCaslin
Act or React



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433606946
Trim Size: 8.50 x 5.50 x 0.70 in
Page Count: 208
Weight: 0.99lb
Binding: Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
Status: Active
Publication Date: July 2014
Have you ever been moved to act?  Have you ever taken a leap of faith, unsure where you would land? Maybe you weren’t completely ready to quit your job and go out on your own. Maybe you didn’t know how your co-workers would respond when you told them you were going to Uganda on a two-week mission trip. We have all stepped out on faith one time or another, in both big and small ways.

But have you ever wondered why? What causes us to speak up when there is silence, what makes us finally put the for-sale sign in our front yard? What if we could pinpoint that moment in time, and figure out what moves people to act? Act or React will take us on a journey of discovery to find out how we go from standing on the sidelines to actually getting inthe game of life and playing with purpose. Author Caz McCaslin, founder and president of Upward Sports, shares his own story to help readers examine the ongoing process which moves us from thinking about doing something to actually doing something. Concepts like Awareness, Passion, Vision, Readiness, and Intentionality, will bring to light what we have to do to live others-focused. Do we react? Do we act? Or do we do both? 
Caz McCaslin founded Upward Sports, the world’s largest Christian sports league for young athletes, after serving in the local church for over 12 years. With a mission to promote the discovery of Jesus through sports, Caz’s passion is creating opportunities and motivating leaders to be intentional about implementing ever-changing ways to share a never-changing message of the truth that is taught in God’s Word.

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