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Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, Crimson/Coral LeatherTouch by Holman Bible Staff

Leather Touch
February 2014

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 Holman Bible Staff
Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, Crimson/Coral LeatherTouch



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433614330
Trim Size: 9.95 x 7.75 x 2.20 in
Page Count: 2240
Weight: 4.23lb
Binding: Leather Touch
Status: Active
Publication Date: February 2014
Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, launched in September 2013, is a new edition modeled after Holman Bible’s own 2011 ECPA Christian Book Award-winning HCSB Study Bible as well as the Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, where every well-conceived study help is practically placed on the same page spread as the related biblical text. It also features 15,000 study notes, 141 photos, 62 timelines, 59 maps, 40-page concordance, 20 articles and essays on practical and theological issues, 16 illustrations and reconstructions, and 15 charts.
Other details of the Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition include a two-column text setting, center-column cross references, the words of Christ in red type, extensive book introductions, one- and three-year Bible reading plans, a notes section, four-color presentation page and family records section, and two-piece die-cut gift box. All study features throughout the Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition are designed to put the emphasis where it must be – on making the Scriptures, God’s written Word, clear and understandable.

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