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The Essence of the Old Testament Edited by Ed Hindson and Gary Yates

A Survey

Paper Over Board
August 2012

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Ed Hindson, Gary Yates
The Essence of the Old Testament



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433677076
Trim Size: 9.00 x 6.00 x 1.45 in
Page Count: 496
Weight: 2.08lb
Binding: Paper Over Board
Status: Active
Publication Date: August 2012
The Essence of the Old Testament surveys the books from Genesis to Malachi. Based on thirty years of scholarly research and classroom teaching, a team of biblical scholars from Liberty University provides a practical, readable, and insightful introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures in canonical order.

This uniquely illustrated, full-color volume features book introductions, background studies, outlines, surveys, theological concepts, practical applications, study questions, and helpful Hebrew word studies for English readers.

Editors Ed Hindson and Gary Yates draw from a lifetime of teaching to provide a well tested and proven Old Testament overview written at the collegiate level, yet appropriate for pastors, scholars, and laymen alike. They represent the finest evangelical scholarship along with a passion to open windows of spiritual and practical insight into the biblical text.

This exciting new survey of the Scriptures highlights the key elements of the Hebrew literature of the Law, the Prophets, and the Poets of the Old Testament. The history, archaeology, and wisdom of the biblical world are revealed with an eye on the application of their moral principles, theological insights, and practical application to today’s world.
Edward E. Hindson, D. Litt. Et Phil. (South Africa); FIBA (Cambridge), is the distinguished professor of Religion and Biblical Studies at Liberty University in Virginia.

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Gary Yates is associate professor of Old Testament at Liberty University.

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