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Stand Firm Day by Day by Walk Thru the Bible

Let Nothing Move You

October 2013

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Stand Firm Day by Day



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433679025
Trim Size: 7.40 x 4.60 x 0.80 in
Page Count: 384
Weight: 0.90lb
Binding: Hardcover
Status: Active
Publication Date: October 2013
Stand Firm: Let Nothing Move You is a 365-day devotional that will equip men to be godly leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. Readers are encouraged to cultivate the discipline of daily Bible reading, to keep their commitments, and to honor their responsibilities.

Develop a powerful faith in God that won't be shaken!

Walk Thru the Bible is a nondenominational evangelical Christian educational organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. The ministry ignites a passion for God's Word through innovative live events, inspiring biblical resources, and a global impact that changes lives worldwide, reaching more than five million people each year.

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