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Bible Promises for Dad by Mary Grace Birkhead

May 2013

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Mary Grace Birkhead
Bible Promises for Dad



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433679704
Trim Size: 7.30 x 5.30 x 0.50 in
Page Count: 128
Weight: 0.61lb
Binding: Hardcover
Status: Active
Publication Date: May 2013
Bible Promises for Dad gathers inspiring devotions with passages of hope, comfort, strength, and renewal from the HCSB translation, offering timeless guidance and wisdom for fathers.

Dads will find the content arranged by topic, providing easy access to biblical truths and God's direction for their every need.

On every page, they will know that the Lord is the ultimate Father who understands their heart and their desire to be a good dad, one who seeks and leads his own children to follow God's will.
Mary Grace Birkhead is a writer, speaker, and painter. Among her previous books are Teacups Full of Treasure, Pearls from Heaven, Beautifully Pinned Promises, and Christmas Ornaments of Joy. Mary Grace has three children and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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