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Bash and the Pirate Pig by Burton Cole

Paper Over Board
September 2013

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Burton Cole
Bash and the Pirate Pig



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433680694
Trim Size: 9.00 x 6.00 x 0.77 in
Page Count: 224
Weight: 0.98lb
Binding: Paper Over Board
Status: Active
Publication Date: September 2013
Written for boys 8 to 14, Bash and the Pirate Pig is the story of a cranky city kid named Raymond “Beamer” Boxby who must spend summer vacation at his younger cousin Bash Hinglehobb’s farm.

Beamer prefers air conditioning and video games. He can’t see what good can come of this so-called country fun that includes riding cows, river rafting with a pig, or playing with skunks.

But hang tight, Beamer, because Bash’s zany adventures with his "Fishin' and Farmin' book" (The Bible) just might lead to the coolest Discovery of all.
Burton Cole is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist with thirty years of experience and more than fifty humor writing awards to his credit. He grew up on a farm in northeast Ohio and attended a smalltown church with a slew of cousins and buddies. That sameboyhood inspires his colorful stories today.

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