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Gospel-Centered Teaching by Trevin Wax

Showing Christ in All the Scripture

Trade Paper
October 2013

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Trevin Wax
Gospel-Centered Teaching



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433681721
Trim Size: 7.00 x 5.00 x 0.35 in
Page Count: 128
Weight: 0.25lb
Binding: Trade Paper
Status: Active
Publication Date: October 2013
For small group leaders and Sunday school facilitators who prefer truth over technique, Gospel-Centered Teaching is refreshing in its simple purpose to remind you of something you already instinctively know: It's Jesus who changes lives, and the goal of your Bible study is to continually reintroduce people to Him. While discussing in depth common related concerns (missional apathy, biblical illiteracy in the church, shallow discussions, etc.), author and teacher Trevin Wax duly offers a practical guide to making sure your message is always surely centered on Jesus and what He has done: "Fellow teachers, let's soak ourselves in the truths of the gospel and the Word. Then, let's invite others to the fountain of living water offered freely by our Master Teacher whose life and death changes everything."
Trevin Wax is managing editor of The Gospel Project at LifeWay Christian Resources, a pastor, contributing editor to Christianity Today, and the author of previous books including Counterfeit Gospels and Holy Subversion. Trevin lives with his wife and children in Nashville.

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