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Bibleman Genesis Vol. 1: The Six Lies of the Fibbler / Silencing the Gossip Queen by Willie Aames Produced by Michael S. Schatz, Gary Randall, Robert B. Pamplin

Lies and Gossip

July 2013

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Bibleman Genesis Vol. 1: The Six Lies of the Fibbler / Silencing the Gossip Queen



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433690938
Trim Size: 7.50 x 5.40 x 0.60 in
Weight: 0.21lb
Binding: DVD
Status: Active
Publication Date: July 2013
Miles Peterson seemed to have it all. Then, reaching his darkest hour, he found himself transformed by a single Book and empowered by God’s strength. Peterson now combats evil in the name of God, as the mighty avenger of Truth, Bibleman.

Six Lies of the Fibbler. This episode finds Bibleman taking on the most dastardly of his enemies: the Fibbler, known for spreading lies and wreaking havoc. Now, his target is the church kids, and the lying causes tremendous turmoil. But thanks to Bibleman and his intense knowledge of God’s Word, order will be restored.

Silencing the Gossip Queen. In this episode, the Gossip Queen’s bitterness beams batter Bibleman when he tries to protect the church kids’ group from her dismantling effects. When her scheme seems almost successful, Bibleman unveils a weapon he hopes will mute the mouthy, menacing queen once and for all!
Willie Aames is among today's best-known "former child stars." Previously starring in the hit sitcoms Eight Is Enough and Charles in Charge, he also made famous the "Bibleman" brand and recently appeared on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club. Now involved in film production, he lives in Kansas City with his wife, Maylo, and their daughter.

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