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Bibleman PowerSource Vol. 9: Curshing the Conspiracy of The Cheater / Lambasting the Legions of Laziness by Michael Nolan and Jeff Durham Produced by Dan Lynch, Wayne Zeitner, and SteveGilreath

Cheating and Laziness

July 2013

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Bibleman PowerSource Vol. 9: Curshing the Conspiracy of The Cheater / Lambasting the Legions of Laziness



Product Details
ISBN: 9781433691010
Trim Size: 7.50 x 5.40 x 0.60 in
Weight: 0.21lb
Binding: DVD
Status: Active
Publication Date: July 2013
Curshing the Conspiracy of the Cheater: You wouldn’t expect the issue of cheating to be aproblem at Bible Bowl competitions. Then again,most Bible Bowls aren’t plagued by a guy in black, sporting a dastardly “Belittler” on his belt-buckle. Meet the Cheater. Young Jake and Emily are snared by the diminutive sneakster, promised success without hard work. But the Bible Adventure Team—Cypher, Melody, Biblegirl and Bibleman—help the kids resist the slick con-man and do the right thing, with a little help from 1 Thessalonians 4:11. (Includes special appearance by Rick & Bubba as the Whine Brothers!) Lambasting the Legions of Laziness: What kind of villain has trouble staying awake long enough to disrupt the lives of impressionable kids? How could a snoozy senior citizen pose a problem for healthy youngsters? Meet the Slacker. Drew has been “too tired” to come to the Youth Bible Study lately, causing concern to the Bible Adventure Team. Just how will Bibleman counteract the Laser of Laziness that has paralyzed his colleagues? Don’t miss a minute of this sleepy—er, gripping—adventure with a young man’s soul hanging in the balance. Based on Proverbs 18:9. 

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