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HCSB Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible, Black Bonded Leather Indexed by Holman Bible Staff

Leather,Bondedw/Thumb Inx , Ribbon Mrkr
October 2004

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 Holman Bible Staff
HCSB Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible, Black Bonded Leather Indexed



Product Details
ISBN: 9781586401191
Trim Size: 10.10 x 7.00 x 1.25 in
Page Count: 1216
Weight: 2.05lb
Binding: Leather,Bondedw/Thumb Inx , Ribbon Mrkr
Status: Out of print
Publication Date: October 2004

It’s here. The complete edition of the translation so accurate, yet so inspiring to read, it literally sets the standard for generations to come. Twenty years in the making, the Holman Christian Standard Bible is the work of 100 scholars from around the world collaborating on-line, in real time with the benefits of the best technology that has ever been used in the service of Bible translation.

One reviewer observes that Holman CSB rushes to cut through communication filters and delivers the subject at hand in a very understandable and comfortable manner. God’s Word comes through with power and confidence through carefully selected phrases and natural sounding idioms. All of this while placing the highest premium in giving to the reader the full range of meaning contain in the original languages.

Holman, America’s first Bible publisher, pioneered in the development of an UltraThin Bible, over two decades ago by finding just the right paper and a type face that made possible the optimal combination of clarity and portability.

Now for the first time, the Holman CSB is available in this perennially popular UltraThin Reference Edition.

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