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HCSB Giant Print Reference Bible

Imitation Leather
October 2005

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HCSB Giant Print Reference Bible



Product Details
ISBN: 9781586401597
Trim Size: 9.58 x 6.72 x 1.39 in
Page Count: 1808
Weight: 2.50lb
Binding: Imitation Leather
Status: Out of print
Publication Date: October 2005

As Baby Boomers--the generation born from 1946 to 1964--reaches their mid-fifties and beyond (more than 80 million over the next forty years), large print resources will be increasing important to them. Not only the normal aging effects come in to play but the fact that this generation has eye fatigue from the large number of hours working in front of computer screens.

In this context the Holman CSB® Giant Print Reference Bible could become one of the fastest growing families in your Bible department. The print is a comfortable fourteen point type. This is a full reference Bible with cross references placed at the end of paragraphs.

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