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HCSB Sportsman's Bible, Camoflauge Bonded Leather by Holman Bible Staff

Bonded Leather
November 2006

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 Holman Bible Staff
HCSB Sportsman's Bible, Camoflauge Bonded Leather



Product Details
ISBN: 9781586403225
Trim Size: 7.30 x 5.30 x 1.37 in
Page Count: 1168
Weight: 0.97lb
Binding: Bonded Leather
Status: Active
Publication Date: November 2006
The perfect gift for Father’s Day, a son’s birthday, graduation, or any time, The Sportsman’s Bible is ideal to slip into a pocket and carry into the field. The Mothwing™ fall mimicry camouflage pattern cover and darkened page edges are non-reflective and won’t scare game. In addition to the full text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible® translation, The Sportsman’s Bible contains numerous devotions written for hunters and fishermen that connect the timeless principles of God’s Word with the passion of millions of North American outdoors enthusiasts. In 2000, over 15 million Americans purchase hunting licenses, and 30 million bought fishing licenses. Churches are becoming aware of this significant market and are sponsoring wild game dinners and father-son ministries that focus on men’s interest in hunting and fishing. Jason Cruise, founder of the Tennessee Outdoor Network and Coordinator of Outdoor Ministries for the Tennessee Baptist Convention, is executive editor of the special devotional section which includes articles by well-known sportsmen plus helpful outdoors tips (“Setting Up a Ground Blind,” “Tree Stand Safety,” “The Hunter’s Code,” etc).

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