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HCSB Between Pocket Bible, Pink Simulated Leather by Holman Bible Staff

Leather, imitation w/Ribbon Marker
July 2008

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 Holman Bible Staff
HCSB Between Pocket Bible, Pink Simulated Leather



Product Details
ISBN: 9781586404673
Trim Size: 7.30 x 5.20 x 1.30 in
Page Count: 1184
Weight: 1.03lb
Binding: Leather, imitation w/Ribbon Marker
Status: Active
Publication Date: July 2008
Girls between the ages of eight and twelve certainly do have a tough time finding admirable influences in today’s culture. Sensitive to that issue, the Between Pocket Bible combines the complete text of the acclaimed Holman Christian Standard Bible translation with cool and clear-headed material from author Vicki Courtney’s fun and faithful Between magabook releases.

Throughout the Bible, twenty-eight full-color pages of pre-teen-friendly content are purposefully dispersed to give young girls biblical advice on faith, family, fashion, friendship, boys, and more. And the additional thirty-two page devotional section is perfect for their personal or Sunday school group reading. The pocket-sized product also slips easily into any purse or backpack.

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