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Shipping Information

Returns Policy

Books may be returned if not Out of Print (OP). Unless noted otherwise, supplies are non-returnable.
Overstock may be returned after 90 days from purchase but within one year of purchase.
Request for Proof of Delivery must be made within 90 days of shipping/billing.
Defective Product should be reported to B&H Customer Service for postage paid return.

Inspirational gifts are not returnable.  Seasonal bulletins are returnable according to the guidelines below.
All other supply products are non-returnable.

UPS/USPS Returns should be sent to:
LifeWay Christian Resources
Undated Service Center
535 Maddox-Simpson Parkway
Lebanon, TN 37090

Enclose legible listing including:
B&H account number, store name and address
Product information - quantity returned, product ISBN, title, or description
Credit will be issued at original invoice discount.
Reason for return (overstock, shipping error, etc.)

Product should be adequately packed and protected to prevent damage. Product must be in saleable condition, in original packaging, with all store stickering removed.

Product not in saleable condition or damaged by improper packaging will be returned at customer's expense.

If multiple boxes are returned, please put a copy of returns listing in each box and mark boxes on outside 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.

Lost or Damaged Product

Broadman & Holman cannot be responsible for products lost or damaged in shipment. In the event you receive damaged products or find a carton shortage, please use the following procedure.

Freight Shipments
Sign the delivery receipt and state the exact number of cartons, received and any visible damage. If damage is discovered after delivery, notify carrier for inspection within 15 days of delivery. Retain all packing material including boxes for the shipping company. Notify B&H Customer Service, and we will file a claim for you with the carrier and enter a replacement order.

UPS/FedEx Ground Shipments
Notify UPS/FedEx within 15 days in case of damage or Broadman & Holman Customer Service in case of shortage. UPS/FedEx will inspect, pick-up, and return damaged products to B&H. We will file a claim for damage and trace the shortage.

Defective Product
Defective product should be reported to B&H Customer Service for postage paid returns.

Handling Your Order

When you order, include the product ISBN of each product ordered. Please specify order need-by date (as appropriate) to ensure receipt according to your needs. Orders without a need-by date or noted "Send best way" will be shipped that least expensive way. Orders requested to be shipped by motor freight will be shipped by the line which we believe will give you the best service if you have not requested a specific carrier. Orders for one (1) of a product packaged and cataloged in certain quantities will be interpreted to mean "one packaged unit." Orders weighing less than 250 pounds are usually shipped UPS. Orders weighing 250 pounds are usually shipped by motor freight. You may have a preference entered on your permanent customer file.

For more assistance with shipping and transportation issues contact us at 615-251-2626.