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  • A Duke's Promise by Jamie Carie
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Award-winning writer Jamie Caries concludes her most epic storyline with a wonderful twist in A Duke’s Promise, the final Forgotten Castles novel.From the Land of Fire and Ice back to England’s shores, Alexandria Featherstone finds herself the new Duchess of...  read more

  • Dancing on Glass by Pamela Binnings Ewen
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    In the steamy city of New Orleans in 1974, Amalise Catoir sees Phillip Sharp as a charming, magnetic artist, unlike any man she has known. A young lawyer herself, raised in a small town and on the brink of a career with a large firm, she is strong and successful, yet sometimes...  read more

  • Danger Close by LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin and Tom Morrisey
    Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $24.99

    Barely into his twenties and already a highly decorated military hero, Army Special Forces veteran Blake Kershaw is now going to college, studying while recuperating from wounds received in Afghanistan, and planning to re-enter the Army as an officer after graduation. But life tosses...  read more

  • Dark Justice by Brandilyn Collins
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    If I’d had any idea what those words would mean to me, to my mother and daughter, I’d have fled California without looking back. While driving a rural road, Hannah Shire and her aging mother, who suffers from dementia, stop to help a man at the scene of a car...  read more

  • Dating, Dining, and Desperation by Melody Carlson
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Daphne Ballinger has learned to accept her deceased, eccentric aunt’s strange request that she marry in order to inherit her estate, along with taking over her aunt’s hometown paper’s advice column.But knowing and accepting that God’s will be done becomes...  read more

  • Deliver Us from Evil by Robin Caroll
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    A beautiful yet tough woman working in a beautiful yet tough setting, Brannon Callahan is a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Strong faith and a decorated history of service have kept her one step ahead of on-the-job dangers, but...  read more

  • Demon by Tosca Lee
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    “One day . . . I realized that being angelic and fallen was very similar to being human and fallen—except for one major difference: the provision of a messiah. I immediately wondered what it must feel like to be unquestionably damned—and worse, to watch humans luxuriate...  read more

  • Double Blind by Brandilyn Collins
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Twenty-nine-year-old Lisa Newberry can barely make it through the day. Suddenly widowed and a survivor of a near-fatal attack, she is wracked with grief and despair. Then she hears of a medical trial for a tiny brain chip that emits electrical pulses to heal severe depression. At rope’s...  read more

  • Double Cross by James David Jordan
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Double Cross continues the story of Taylor Pasbury, a heroic young woman introduced in James David Jordan’s novel, Forsaken (“highly readable . . . Taylor is a character worth another visit” —BookPage).Raised by a father who was a former...  read more

  • The Dogs Of Snoqualmie 
    Trade Paper: $15.99

    Snoqualmie, a valley east of Seattle, is the fertile setting for a new fiction trilogy from esteemed storyteller Calvin Miller, who adds a daring dash of fantasy to magnify his view of Christian truth. In this first book of the trilogy, a soon-to-be-divorced Jewish psychiatrist is counseling...  read more

  • The Duchess and the Dragon by Jamie Carie
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Rising romance novelist Jamie Carie’s second book, The Duchess and the Dragon, tells the epic story of two unlikely soulmates who live worlds apart but soon meet and turn each other’s world upside down. Drake Weston, Duke of Northumberland,...  read more

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