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  • Last Chance for Justice by Kathi Macias
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Welcome to Bloomfield, where life is simple, love is real, and stories are shared.Lynn Myers is still reeling from losing her husband of thirty-five years when word comes that her only sibling, an older brother, has also died. With no one else to settle the estate, she must return to...  read more

  • Light of the Wicked by Frederick Hurr
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    In a small Victorian seaside town where nothing significant ever happens, evil takes up residence in the form of Lord Rimmon and his powerful demons.The town is suddenly enveloped by catastrophe after catastrophe, the trend of evil beginning with the horrible death of a young...  read more

  • Living With Fred 
    Trade Paper: $12.99

    Mark Cloud is back in Fred, Texas but Fred is not the same. The town drunk has got religion. One of Mark's classmates has started spitting out scriptures like a gumball machine. But more drastic things are in store for this small East Texas town. And for Mark. Once again a forgotten book...  read more

  • Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel by Melody Carlson
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    With high hopes, Daphne Ballinger lands her dream job at The New York Times. But it's not long until writing about weddings becomes a painful reminder of her own failed romance, and her love of the city slowly sours as well. Is it time to give up the Big Apple for her small...  read more

  • Lookin' Back, Texas by Leanna Ellis
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Betty Lynne Davidson is planning her husband’s funeral while overlooking one thing: he’s not dead.When Suzanne Mullins, forty-two, gets the call from her father to come back home to Texas because her mother has gone off the deep end, she knows it will mean having to...  read more

  • Lost and Found by: Ginny L. Yttrup
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    It appears Jenna Bouvier is losing everything: beauty, family, and wealth. When her controlling and emotionally abusive mother-in-law accuses Jenna of an affair with her spiritual director and threatens to expose them, Jenna also risks losing her reputation as a woman of faith. Will she...  read more

  • Love's First Light by Jamie Carie
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    New from Jamie Carie, today’s most awarded new Christian romance writer.Christophé, the Count of St. Laurent, has lost his entire family to the blood-soaked French Revolution and must flee to an ancient castle along the southern border of France to survive. But the...  read more

  • Loving Soren 
    Trade Paper: $14.99

    Set in Copenhagen and the Danish West Indies in the mid-nineteenth century, LOVING SOREN is the true story of Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, told from the point of view of his fiancee. It is about a woman who tries to save a man from himself, and ends up losing her self in the process....  read more

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