American Heroes by Oliver North
Trade Paper: $18.99
In American Heroes, New York Times best-selling author Oliver North offers an inspiring, first-hand account of the extraordinary young American volunteers defending us against radical Islamic terror.Since 9-11-01, North and his award-winning War Stories documentary team have made more than a dozen extended trips to...  read more
American Heroes in Special Operations by Oliver North
Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $24.99
Following the success of American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam (a New York Times best seller), Oliver North moves from the frontline to the world of shadow warriors, introducing readers to the brave, noble work of Navy Seals, Rangers, and Green Berets in American Heroes in Special Operations. From the...  read more
The Confirmation by Ralph Reed
Trade Paper: $15.99
Newly elected U.S. president Bob Long is weighing reports of nuclear weapons in Iran when he learns Justice Peter Corbin Franklin, 86-year-old liberal conscience of the Supreme Court, has suffered a massive stroke. With pressing same-sex marriage and abortion laws as well as a huge antitrust case on the court's docket, the door is open for Long to...  read more
The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson
Trade Paper: $14.99
In 1971, Bill Mann, a pilot who sought to make aerial combat his guiding star, is already lost whether he knows it or not. Although he’s at the top of his Air Force class and married to a beautiful woman, his life is centered on drinking and partying—perhaps a way to escape a haunting memory. As a ten-year-old, Bill killed the two...  read more
Danger Close by LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin and Tom Morrisey
Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $24.99
Barely into his twenties and already a highly decorated military hero, Army Special Forces veteran Blake Kershaw is now going to college, studying while recuperating from wounds received in Afghanistan, and planning to re-enter the Army as an officer after graduation. But life tosses Blake a curve when his country approaches him about using his...  read more
Enemies Among Us by Bob Hamer
Trade Paper: $14.99
When undercover FBI agent Matt Hogan totals three vehicles in an out-of-policy Beverly Hills pursuit of a fleeing Arab drug runner, he incurs the wrath of the Bureau hierarchy. To avoid an almost certain suspension, he accepts a new assignment tracking terrorist cell groups while posing as a volunteer at a nonprofit charity. What he doesn't...  read more
Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norris
Trade Paper: $16.99
The New York Times best seller now available in a trade paper edition!Chuck Norris says, "Black Belt Patriotism is my critique of what is destroying our country, and offers my solutions for rebuilding America and restoring the American dream. It's 'black belt' in the sense that it is strong, resolute and to the point, like a...  read more
Saving Freedom by Jim DeMint
Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $26.99
The United States—the world’s great bastion of freedom—is sliding toward socialism. Recent high-profile bailouts show the walls between government and the private sector are getting thinner each day. Federal control now extends in various ways to education, healthcare, financial markets, real estate, businesses, and religion. And...  read more
American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam by Oliver North
Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $24.99
A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post best seller, now available with a new chapter on events in Afghanistan plus an exclusive online access code for three downloadable episodes of War Stories!What is a hero? Oliver North says, “Real heroes are selfless. Those who serve America in...  read more
After Jihad by Oliver North
Hardcover w/Dust Jacket: $27.99
New from New York Times best selling novelist Oliver North:America in 2032 is a poor shadow of the great nation its founders envisioned. The "Better Deal for All Americans" born of the Great Recession two decades earlier hasn’t solved its economic crisis. Growing dependence on government has altered citizen...  read more